Vehicle Washdown

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Nubian: Helping vehicle washdown facilities make every drop count

Vehicle wash operators are encountering increased community and government concern about how their water is affecting the environment.

Having effective washdown facilities is essential for all companies that service and rent vehicles and heavy equipment …

  • Hire companies need to present their customers with clean vehicles
  • Transport companies need keep vehicles clean to keep both customers and licensing authorities happy
  • Trucking & heavy equipment companies need to clean prior to servicing

But as communities, and the councils that serve them, become increasingly sensitive to the subject of water sustainability washdown operators have to deal with 3 critical factors that affect their business:

  1. Many councils require companies to buy permits to operate vehicle wash facilities
  2. Water companies usually charge a premium for industrial water use
  3. There are often restrictions on the waste water from washdown bays being discharged directly to the environment

Nubian’s water treatment and recycling systems resolve these issues.

Nubian’s innovative water recycling system provides a cost-effective, low maintenance way for any vehicle wash facility to collect, clean and re-use their wastewater.

Nubian provides systems that deliver ongoing high returns on your investment by reducing the high costs of your council permit and lowering – or even better eliminating – trade waste removal costs. Perhaps more importantly, our technology will reduce your industrial water usage by at least 80%.

Nubian offers proven systems that recycle vehicle wash water and clean it to a high standard. Our customers have found that installing a Nubian vehicle washdown solution delivers a return on investment by:

  • Reducing the amount of money required for a permit
  • Reducing or avoiding the costs of trade waste removal
  • Significantly reducing the amount of water needed for vehicle washing and the associated ‘in and out’ costs

Nubian’s technology is unique and its patented, chemical-free recycling system can deliver recycled water to the most demanding standards. Capable of processing and recycling 500 to 100,000 litres of vehicle wash wastewater per day, Nubian’s solution is the only water recycling system of its kind

Contact us to find out how Nubian could help make your washdown facility more sustainable.