UV Disinfection

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Nubian’s chemical-free solution for water treatment

UV disinfection can be used to make rain and stormwater safe to drink, to help transform wastewater into clean reusable water and to purify water for manufacturing processes.

Water is used and consumed, both at home and at work, on a daily basis and needs to be free of harmful micro-organisms to safeguard health and the environment.

The key question concerning many people is – how can you ensure water is safe to use and its quality isn’t compromised by uncontrollable circumstances such as natural disasters?

UV-Guard, Nubian’s specialist UV division, manufactures and supplies solutions for domestic, industrial, commercial and municipal customers and offers a comprehensive range of disinfection products to suit all flow rates and applications.

Nubian offers a range of UV solutions to meet the needs of every customer and application.

Our customers ask us to help them solve important water challenges:

  • Make rain and stormwater safe to drink
  • Help pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care facilities create bacteria-free water to protect health
  • Allow municipal authorities make wastewater safe either for recycling or discharging to the environment
  • Create sterile water for the food, beverage and cosmetics industry to use in manufacturing
  • Deliver chemical free sanitation for public swimming pools
  • Maintain healthy water for the aquaculture industry to protect marine life and control the growth of algae
  • Avoid mechanical problems in cooling towers by reducing biofilms that impact the cooling process

UV-Guard manufactures its own systems and also represents some of the world’s premier suppliers such as UV Pure and Aquafides.

UV-Guard systems

UV-Guard is Australia’s largest manufacturer of UV systems and is able to supply purification solutions for applications with flow rates of up to 2 million litres per hour.

UV-Guard is proud that its products have been accredited by the WaterMark Certification Scheme which provides a national, risk-based scheme for ensuring the quality of materials and products used in plumbing and drainage installations.

UV-Guard offers the best value for money and price/performance UV systems available in the Australian market.

UV Pure systems

Since 1998, over 12,000 UV Pure systems have been installed in residential, commercial, industrial, public and municipal water treatment applications. An aerospace version of UV Pure’s technology has been chosen by Boeing® to purify water on the new 787 Dreamliner®.

UV Pure pioneered and patented its Crossfire Technology® which is at the heart of both the Upstream and Hallett range of UV systems distributed by Nubian in Australia. The Hallett systems are NSF/ANSI 55 Class A Certified and so are ideal when validation is required for municipal or institutional applications.

Aquafides systems

UV-Guard is the Australia and New Zealand distributor Aquafides validated UV systems. These units have been validated according to European validation protocols – DVGW in Germany and ÖNORM M5873-1C in Austria.

UV-Guard provides a total support and consumables service for most brands of UV systems

Our service team has been trained to support systems throughout their lifecycle. Our experienced engineers work to quickly diagnose faults and performance problems meaning that system costs and downtime is minimised. Our team is able to handle everything from the installation and commissioning of new systems to regular maintenance tasks such as lamp and wiper blade replacements.

We supply an extensive range of consumables and replacement parts to suit most brands of UV systems. UV-Guard is proud to be a distributor of Philips Amalgam lamps and DynaPower drivers. Our extensive warehouse and efficient supply chain means we can deliver replacement parts quickly and securely.

Contact us to discover how UV-Guard systems could help make your water safe and pure.