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Summer is here, and it’s time to begin thinking about where to go on vacation. We crave the fresh sea breeze and crystal-clear waters as the weather heats up. At Summer Chaser, our travel towels are practical and versatile, with a super-absorbent terry cloth exterior that dries very quickly. The bags come with two towels and come in three sizes, perfect for beach days, weekend getaways, and family vacations, travel towel at The Summer Chaser.

With it, summer has arrived, the warmer temperatures and longer days. And for many of us, that means one thing: we’re ready to hit the beach. Whether you’re planning to tan, surf, or just lounge around, you’ll definitely need to pack a towel. But which travel towel should you choose?

If you have ever gone to the beach, you know what a pain it can be to find a clean towel. Those lines in the sand aren’t just a line in the sand: they’re a no man’s land where sand, saltwater, and sweat have fouled every towel in sight. That’s why you have to pack your own towels.

Whether your vacation takes you to the mountains or the ocean, you can easily bring your favorite Summer Chaser beach towel with you. We love the Sunset Stripe bath towel, which is not only absorbent but also colorful and warm. The stripes are made from recycled plastic bottles, so you’ll find yourself looking forward to using them each day. You can learn more and shop the Summer Chaser online here.

Are you traveling to the beach or pool? Then be sure to pack your Summer Chaser travel towel from The Summer Chaser. The Summer Chaser travel towels are bigger than a washcloth, super absorbent, and extremely durable. The Summer Chaser towels also fold up into a small, compact bundle that’s barely bigger than a water bottle. The Summer Chaser travel towels make great gifts, too, since they’re reusable and don’t take up much room in a beach bag or suitcase. Best of all, they’re incredibly durable, which means they’ll never rip or leak as regular travel towels do.

The Summer Chaser is now offering travel towels, which are smaller versions of the towels we sell in our gift shop. They are perfect for traveling, sports, and the beach. Many vacationers are worried about packing enough towels for their trip, but with The Summer Chaser’s amazing selection of travel towels, these concerns are a thing of the past. Our travel towels also make great beach towels, gym towels, and camping accessories. And our towels are affordable, too.