Power Generation

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Nubian: Providing pure water and wastewater treatment solutions for power generators

Water is a precious commodity throughout Australia – and power generators, like all industries, face significant challenges in intelligently managing this vital resource.

Power generators need instant and constant water supplies for all aspects of their operations. The top 3 water challenges faced by the power generation sector are:

  1. Providing ultrapure feed water to boilers to drive the turbines that generate power
  2. Maximising the reuse potential of ‘used’ water by making it available for cooling applications
  3. Managing wastewater disposal to reduce environmental impact

Demanding operational requirements combined with increasing community concern about water sustainability means power generators need to focus on water management as never before.

Nubian has partnered with RWL Water Nirosoft to provide cost effective solutions for this important market sector.

RWL Water Nirosoft has more than a decade of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying systems for the production of demineralised water for the power industry. RWL Water Nirosoft’s proven EDI systems meet stringent industry standards—providing reliable, chemical-free operation and delivering a continuous supply of high quality water up to 16 Mohm µ/cm (<0.1 µ/cm).

EDI technology eliminates the use of regeneration chemicals, does away with the need for wastewater generation or treatment, delivers consistent high quality permeate and offers a small footprint. Typical systems include pre-treatment, double-pass reverse osmosis, CO2 removal, and electrodeionization to deliver high quality demineralized water.

We understand your water challenges and help you meet your goals.

Nubian’s deep knowledge of the issues surrounding sustainable water usage has allowed us to apply our technology to the challenges of power generation. We offer proven solutions to safely and economically manage the complete water lifecycle from creating potable water to making wastewater safe for disposal.

We help our customers manage the complex challenges of optimising water use, improving sustainability and saving money. We can provide finance options that enable power generators to experience an immediate return on investment (ROI), significantly reducing ongoing water supply bills – for the entire life of the asset.

Our team of water engineers and treatment specialists are experienced at not only designing the best technology solution but also managing the often-complex regulatory approval processes as well.

Nubian and RWL Water Nirosoft – partnering to provide what you need

Nubian Water Systems is Australia’s leading provider of decentralised water solutions. RWL Water Nirosoft is a global leader in the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of advanced water and wastewater treatment systems.

Together we’re able to offer power generators a complete turnkey solution from design and manufacture to financing, commissioning and aftersales service.

Contact us to discuss how Nubian could help improve the water management of your operation or visit RWL Water Nirosoft’s website for more information: www.nirosoft.com