Important Things To Review With A Home Inspector

Every homebuyer has specific qualities in mind which they want to find in the home they’re going to invest on. With the countless houses and properties visited, one may think that he or she is capable to efficiently scrutinize an abode. However, it takes more than just simple eyeballing because expert skills are necessary to make sure that a home has no major flaws and its condition matches its cost.

A home & building inspection is definitely one of the things you shouldn’t skip when purchasing house and land packages. Sure, you’ll have to spend some money on professional help, but getting the appropriate results is worth every nickel since you won’t risk spending your hard-earned money on a damaged property. A home inspector will examine the exteriors and interiors; from top to bottom. Now, you’re probably a bit apprehensive about this move since you don’t have much idea about the process and you’re clueless on how to choose the right person for the job. To make this task easier, here are some crucial questions you need to ask your prospective home inspector:

Are you certified?

Homebuyers and sellers should be cautious in selecting the person who will assess a certain house. Just like any other businesses, there a lot of phonies out there who only want to squeeze the money out of you. Ask your potential inspector about his or her certifications to ensure that his or her skills are up to par and are in accordance with the requirements.

How long have you been in the home inspection business?

Knowing the experience of the person in assessing homes and real estate will give you a clue about his or her skills. It is also important to be specific in this query and ask about the inspector’s duration of practice in your area. This is because one state or country has different requirements from the other. Someone with local knowledge and experience is more acquainted with the conditions and prerequisites in your location, i.e., whether they need to check for wood-destroying pests or give special attention to structures affected by weather conditions in your locality.

How much would it cost me?

A house is rather expensive, so you’re not thrilled to pay additional fees for an inspector. Well, the cost varies on the age, location, and size of your home so it would be best to research first to avoid being surprised–in a bad way–on how much you need to pay. Also, make sure to ask about the coverage of the inspection to gauge whether it’s worth the price.

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How To Deal With Negative Glassdoor Reviews

The profit and growth of most businesses especially in the tech and internet sector is determined to a large extent by the quality and skills of its employees. Hence most businesses try to attracted talented hardworking employees who can help the business grow with hard work, innovation and skills. Earlier it was difficult to get information about a business except from ex-employees. However, with the advent of websites like glassdoor, it is now possible to get feedback about a business from its existing and past employees. Businesses who get negative reviews on the website would like to find out how to remove negative glassdoor reviews, so that the negative reviews do not affect the image of the business.

There are many ways a business can deal with the negative reviews , it depends on the attitude of management and Human Resources (HR). The employee will usually post his designation at the business in the Glassdoor review. For a smaller business, it is usually possible to verify whether the person actually was or is an employee. If the review is obviously fake, the designation does not exist and person never worked at the company, it is possible for the business to report the fake feedback to Glassdoor. Most of the larger websites like Glassdoor try to ensure that the reviews posted are genuine.

In some cases, the employee who is complaining may have a genuine complaint, so instead of trying to cover up the feedback, it can be taken by the business as an opportunity to improve their systems. The Human resources department can contact the existing employees and ask them for their honest feedback so that the systems can be improved and other employees do not face a similar problem in future. Recruiting and training employees is a major expense for any business, so if they can take the feedback in a positive manner, it could help. This will ensure that in future, employees do not criticize the HR and management practices. Employees who are happy could be also asked to post positive reviews so that the negative reviews are not the only reviews available.…

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General DIY Pest Control Tips

Most of the country experienced a warmer winter this year compared to average winter temperatures. Do it yourself to fight pests, it can mean spring and summer with more pests. What can the DIY pest controller do to combat the increase in pests?  Alternatively, you can get a building & pest inspection in Adelaide to have a look.

The best solution is to be proactive. April may be the main month to start your pest control regimen instead of waiting for pest populations to become too difficult to manage. Begin to check your house for pests. Not all areas of the country are the same with respect to the plague that worries you the most, but there are general guidelines that you should review to minimize access of the pest to your home and garden.

For example, do you have standing water somewhere in your garden? If this is the case, replenish them with topsoil and create an adequate degree for adequate drainage. Keep all water containers upside down. Repair of faucets with leaks and drainage for air conditioning units. When it comes to pests, humidity is your worst enemy. Minimize excessive or excessive water areas inside or outside your home.

Move around your house and look for cracks in foundations, screen holes or screenless ventilation. If the branches of trees or hedges touch your house, cut them. Flower beds should be located one foot from the base of your house to avoid additional moisture. Pests really like the shade of the mulch. The last thing you want is to create a nice refuge to multiply at the base of your house.

Use a perimeter aerosol insecticide that can be a barrier to pests in search of the residence.

On the driest days, the diatomaceous earth can be dispersed in the orchards as a non-toxic means to reduce the number of pests.

Now is the time to use a large plaster treatment if necessary to control the ants in your garden and the pellet treatments on your ornamental beds. Now it is easier to limit the numbers.

Clean the inside of your home with a high-temperature sprayer on furniture and upholstered beds as a precaution against bedbugs or to prevent flea eggs from hatching. Wash curtains and bedding in the high-temperature cycle. Make a complete vacuum of floors, baseboards, and areas where spiders can be a problem. Remember to empty the container in a sealed bag before moving it to the waste container.

Also, never forget that the time has come to properly clean Fido and start using the flea preventive to minimize the risk of flea infestation.…

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How To Find A Good Property Developer

With the number of developers in the market soaring each and every day, finding a good and reliable property developer can be a nightmare.

However, that should not again knock you down since we have go you covered. Continue reading and you will get tips on how to find a good property developer.
• Visit Their Websites
Logging into the websites belonging to various developers will offer you the companies’ insight. The websites should provide the answers to all your questions among them owners, their history, their associates and partners, as well as their existence and their ongoing and completed projects.  A perfect example, is David Tricarico‘s website.

• Talk to Current Owners
Existing owners will provide you with much information. They will offer you unbiased information regarding the developer’s nature of work. So, check if there is any of your friends or relatives who own a property or properties from the developer (s) of your interest.

• Visit Their Ready Projects
Visiting developer’s already completed projects is vital. This will give you real sense on the quality of the projects they have already completed before taking a step to invest in.

Check on finishes and layout of the ready projects to get the picture of what you should expect in the future. This will help you settle on the right developer.

• Prices and Payment Plan
Developers have varying prices depending on the type of project undertaken. Thus, it’s wise to compare different developers depending on how they charge projects of the same theme before settling on one.

Check out whether you will afford their payment plans. Depending on the project type, you will get varying payment plans. So choose the developer who is offering you a better payment plan.

• Maintenance
A good developer offers asset maintenance and management. This will help you save much money and time since the developer will take care of maintenance.

Once you put all the above factors into consideration when finding a developer, trust me, you will find a good and reliable property developer of your wish.…

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How to Find Brisbane Accommodation

If you want to explore this fantastic part of Australia, there are many accommodations available in Brisbane. There is a lot to do and see, and the environment with its pink and red cliffs and land is very beautiful.

You can easily find the accommodation you need for a holiday in Brisbane by going online. Travel agents who work online often offer discounts or special offers that include flight and accommodation rates. It only remains to compare each other to see who offers the best offer. If you book online often, it’s also cheaper.

Those who do not care too much about the price will find many accommodation options, from luxurious hotel rooms to resort-style accommodations. You can even opt for a villa or holiday home if you want more space and privacy. Since tourism is an important activity in this part of Australia, there is no lack of places to stay. Those who have just arrived will probably find accommodation in a decent guest house, or they will be satisfied with a hotel or motel room.

One thing to keep in mind is when you visit this area. The summer is hot and stormy, with many roads closed due to heavy tropical rains. Winter is the best time for the climate because temperatures are still high compared to other winter regions, with an average of 30C. The days will be good and sunny since the precipitations rarely fall during the winter months.

Many tourists choose to go to Brisbane for their winter holidays, forgetting the worst weather in their hometown. Many residents in Australia can only dream of having enough heat to swim during these frozen winter months that must suddenly pass through all of their winter gear.

Once you have resolved your accommodation in Brisbane, there is a lot to do here. brisbane is home to many festivals and other events; There are ancient cave paintings to admire, art galleries and gourmet restaurants for your meals. The weekend markets offer the opportunity to buy local souvenirs and tropical fruits. There is a lot of information available online. I’m sure you’ll have a good time in Brisbane.…

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How To Sell Your Home For The Most Money

For you to sell your home for the most money there are certain things that you must consider first. For example, you must consider the current local market trends, the methods that you are going to use to meet your target goals and the amount you are going to sell the house. Here are ways on how to sell your home for the most money:

1. Go for a Home Inspector
For you to make the most money out of your home, you need to consider the condition of the home. Therefore, it is important that you get an inspector who will check for you the health of the house and ensure that there are no flaws and if there is, they are repaired immediately. The inspection is very good because you will have a good evaluation of the home which you can mention to buyers for a higher bid.  For reliable home inspections in Lockeys, we recommend Building Inspections Adelaide.

2. Ensure the home is appealing and presentable.
After doing all the repairs to the home, ensure that you clean it thoroughly so that it can be more marketable. You can also remove most of your furnishings, portraits, belongings and even awards so as to make the room spacious and not crowded. You can also do some small improvements to the home to make it more valuable and attractive to the buyer.

3. Hold an Open House
By doing this, you ensure that the buyers get inside the house and have a complete view of the house thus making high bids for the home if it is attractive. It is for this reason that your home should have nice improvements.

4. Advertise Well.
For you to get high bids for your home, you must ensure that you advertise the home well and effectively. You should research on the current market trends and techniques for selling a home. After doing that, ensure you come up with the best plan to attract many buyers. Therefore, if you use the correct advertising method more buyers will come and you can bargain for the highest bid.

5. Choose the right time to sell your home.
People buy homes depending on what season it is. For instance, during the spring season, people buy more houses because they need to be indoors. You should also sell your home when you have enough money to cater for your expenses such as moving out and paying your current mortgage.

These are the ways which you can sell your home and make the most out of the sale.…

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Treating and Recycling Greywater: Nubian’s sustainable solution for a precious resource

Greywater represents 40% to 60% of water usage in residential buildings such as houses & apartment blocks, hotels & resorts, remote mining camps & military facilities.

Greywater is the used water from showers, baths, hand basins and the laundry and, with the right technology, it can be captured, treated and safely reused. This simple but important initiative can substantially cut water bills, reduce the use of ”new” water and vastly improve water sustainability.

The key question concerning many people is – how can you be sure it’s safe to use?

Australia has the most rigorous greywater recycling approval standards in the world and, with Nubian’s systems approved for use in every Australian mainland state, you’re assured of high performance.

Nubian’s unique, patented approach to treating greywater delivers high quality and high yield with the lowest footprint and energy use of any technology available.

Nubian’s technology is unique and its patented, chemical-free recycling system can deliver greywater to the most demanding “A+ Standard”. Meeting this standard means the recycled water can be used for internal applications such as toilet flushing & laundries and external applications such as above ground irrigation & vehicle washing

At the heart of Nubian’s domestic greywater recycling systems is a unique 3-step process:

  1. Solids separation – which removes lint and other coarse materials to prevent blockages and malfunctions of the system
  2. Biofiltration – a patented process which removes bugs and pathogens using a unique process that contains no chemicals
  3. High dose ultraviolet (UV) disinfection – which attacks the DNA of bacteria, viruses and parasites causing them to lose their reproductive capability and destroying them.

Regulators in commercial environments often demand a ‘multi barrier’ approach to disinfection. For these situations Nubian’s systems can incorporate an additional 2 disinfection steps:

  1. Ultrafiltration (UF) – which uses a membrane to remove pathogens and produce water with very high purity
  2. Chlorination – which provides residual disinfection

These 2 steps, together with the UV disinfection, provide the “Triple Barrier” protection often demanded for commercial usage approval. Water treated by Nubian’s greywater recycling systems is of a high quality with BOD and Suspended Solids levels typically less than 5 parts per million.

High levels of system performance are critical but so are lifetime costs. We understand that being concerned about sustainability doesn’t mean you don’t care about running costs that’s why Nubian systems offer these key benefits:

  • Lowest energy consumption of any system in its class – typically less than 2kW per kL of treated water
  • Yields more 95%+ of the water it treats
  • Lowest maintenance costs of any system in its class – typically less than $2.20 per kL of treated water.

Nubian systems are reliable and backed up by a strong support package

All Nubian greywater recycling systems are automatic and require no intervention by the system’s owner. Nubian’s planned maintenance program together with an advanced, continuous on-line water quality monitoring system provides peace of mind for the system’s owner and for regulators. The treatment plant can be remotely managed via NuLink, Nubian’s propriety communications technology, so you can be sure of peak performance irrespective of where the system is located.

Nubian systems are very compact and easy to install making them ideal for today’s space-constrained building environments. The Nubian treatment platform is also incredible flexible and can recycle from 500 up to 250,000 litres of greywater a day.

Contact us to discover how Nubian greywater recycling could help you reduce your water usage by up to 60%.…

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Nubian Water Systems: Sustainable, economic and reliable solutions for the urban environment

For the first time in history more than 50% of the world’s population live in towns and cities. The size of the Chinese middle class now exceeds the entire population of the USA.

Communities around the world are beginning to demand more sustainable use of water and governments are responding. At the same time, established cities are struggling with aging water infrastructure – all cities are finding that infrastructure needs more capacity.

Water infrastructure is critical because it brings ‘new’ water to the buildings we all occupy and takes ‘used’ water away again. The challenge is, unlike IT networks, the ‘bandwidth’ of water infrastructure can’t easily be upgraded.

The reality of a rapidly increasing population demanding high quality water services is driving the concept of “water balance” alongside the search for decentralised water treatment and recycling solutions. Taking control over the management of water at the building or facility level has been well established in remote communities for a long time – the time has come to transfer that model to the homes, offices and factories that most of us live and work in.

Nubian has been committed to providing innovative decentralised treatment and recycling solutions since its creation.

Inspired by the concept of a water refinery, Nubian aims to create for our customers a production facility capable of converting either raw source water or ‘used water’ into a valuable product that is fit for purpose, safe to use and regulatory compliant.

Today, Nubian helps customers by integrating our own technology (biological treatment, UV disinfection, remote communications & management) with ‘best of breed’ 3rd party technology from around the world (membrane filtration, purification & demineralisation, water quality analysis) to deliver complete treatment solutions.

Nubian has established its reputation by combing technology and knowhow to solve complex water problems and delivering reliable solutions for customers in water-sensitive sectors of the market:

  • Green buildings
  • Mining and resources
  • Remote communities
  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Industrial and washdown
  • Commercial laundries
  • Swimming pools and communities centres

Nubian is strongly committed to both our customers and the environment. We believe that it’s possible to manage our planet’s most precious resource more intelligently and so allow everyone to have access to the amount of they want with the quality they need.

What makes Nubian different?

We’re at the forefront of ensuring the availability of high quality water for a range of applications. Nubian’s home market is Australia, which has the most stringent water quality standards in the world. Our experience in developing solutions for this demanding environment has uniquely prepared us to serve countries across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America which are implementing similar regulatory regimes.

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