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For the first time in history more than 50% of the world’s population live in towns and cities. The size of the Chinese middle class now exceeds the entire population of the USA.

Communities around the world are beginning to demand more sustainable use of water and governments are responding. At the same time, established cities are struggling with aging water infrastructure – all cities are finding that infrastructure needs more capacity.

Water infrastructure is critical because it brings ‘new’ water to the buildings we all occupy and takes ‘used’ water away again. The challenge is, unlike IT networks, the ‘bandwidth’ of water infrastructure can’t easily be upgraded.

The reality of a rapidly increasing population demanding high quality water services is driving the concept of “water balance” alongside the search for decentralised water treatment and recycling solutions. Taking control over the management of water at the building or facility level has been well established in remote communities for a long time – the time has come to transfer that model to the homes, offices and factories that most of us live and work in.

Nubian has been committed to providing innovative decentralised treatment and recycling solutions since its creation.

Inspired by the concept of a water refinery, Nubian aims to create for our customers a production facility capable of converting either raw source water or ‘used water’ into a valuable product that is fit for purpose, safe to use and regulatory compliant.

Today, Nubian helps customers by integrating our own technology (biological treatment, UV disinfection, remote communications & management) with ‘best of breed’ 3rd party technology from around the world (membrane filtration, purification & demineralisation, water quality analysis) to deliver complete treatment solutions.

Nubian has established its reputation by combing technology and knowhow to solve complex water problems and delivering reliable solutions for customers in water-sensitive sectors of the market:

  • Green buildings
  • Mining and resources
  • Remote communities
  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Industrial and washdown
  • Commercial laundries
  • Swimming pools and communities centres

Nubian is strongly committed to both our customers and the environment. We believe that it’s possible to manage our planet’s most precious resource more intelligently and so allow everyone to have access to the amount of they want with the quality they need.

What makes Nubian different?

We’re at the forefront of ensuring the availability of high quality water for a range of applications. Nubian’s home market is Australia, which has the most stringent water quality standards in the world. Our experience in developing solutions for this demanding environment has uniquely prepared us to serve countries across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America which are implementing similar regulatory regimes.