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Every homebuyer has specific qualities in mind which they want to find in the home they’re going to invest on. With the countless houses and properties visited, one may think that he or she is capable to efficiently scrutinize an abode. However, it takes more than just simple eyeballing because expert skills are necessary to make sure that a home has no major flaws and its condition matches its cost.

A home & building inspection is definitely one of the things you shouldn’t skip when purchasing house and land packages. Sure, you’ll have to spend some money on professional help, but getting the appropriate results is worth every nickel since you won’t risk spending your hard-earned money on a damaged property. A home inspector will examine the exteriors and interiors; from top to bottom. Now, you’re probably a bit apprehensive about this move since you don’t have much idea about the process and you’re clueless on how to choose the right person for the job. To make this task easier, here are some crucial questions you need to ask your prospective home inspector:

Are you certified?

Homebuyers and sellers should be cautious in selecting the person who will assess a certain house. Just like any other businesses, there a lot of phonies out there who only want to squeeze the money out of you. Ask your potential inspector about his or her certifications to ensure that his or her skills are up to par and are in accordance with the requirements.

How long have you been in the home inspection business?

Knowing the experience of the person in assessing homes and real estate will give you a clue about his or her skills. It is also important to be specific in this query and ask about the inspector’s duration of practice in your area. This is because one state or country has different requirements from the other. Someone with local knowledge and experience is more acquainted with the conditions and prerequisites in your location, i.e., whether they need to check for wood-destroying pests or give special attention to structures affected by weather conditions in your locality.

How much would it cost me?

A house is rather expensive, so you’re not thrilled to pay additional fees for an inspector. Well, the cost varies on the age, location, and size of your home so it would be best to research first to avoid being surprised–in a bad way–on how much you need to pay. Also, make sure to ask about the coverage of the inspection to gauge whether it’s worth the price.