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The profit and growth of most businesses especially in the tech and internet sector is determined to a large extent by the quality and skills of its employees. Hence most businesses try to attracted talented hardworking employees who can help the business grow with hard work, innovation and skills. Earlier it was difficult to get information about a business except from ex-employees. However, with the advent of websites like glassdoor, it is now possible to get feedback about a business from its existing and past employees. Businesses who get negative reviews on the website would like to find out how to remove negative glassdoor reviews, so that the negative reviews do not affect the image of the business.

There are many ways a business can deal with the negative reviews , it depends on the attitude of management and Human Resources (HR). The employee will usually post his designation at the business in the Glassdoor review. For a smaller business, it is usually possible to verify whether the person actually was or is an employee. If the review is obviously fake, the designation does not exist and person never worked at the company, it is possible for the business to report the fake feedback to Glassdoor. Most of the larger websites like Glassdoor try to ensure that the reviews posted are genuine.

In some cases, the employee who is complaining may have a genuine complaint, so instead of trying to cover up the feedback, it can be taken by the business as an opportunity to improve their systems. The Human resources department can contact the existing employees and ask them for their honest feedback so that the systems can be improved and other employees do not face a similar problem in future. Recruiting and training employees is a major expense for any business, so if they can take the feedback in a positive manner, it could help. This will ensure that in future, employees do not criticize the HR and management practices. Employees who are happy could be also asked to post positive reviews so that the negative reviews are not the only reviews available.