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Helping home owners to make every drop count

More and more families are making the decision to take control of their water supply. They want to ensure high quality drinking water and intelligently recycle water that would otherwise be washed down the drain.

Rainfall and dam levels are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Some years deliver plentiful supplies of water while in others droughts lead to severe restrictions on water use. You shouldn’t have to watch your beautiful garden die or drive around in a dirty car – especially when you have an alternative.

There are water management opportunities that can help you use water more sustainably at the same time as guaranteeing a safe environment …

  • Water from showers, hand basins and laundry machines can be recycled to be re-used internally for toilet flushing & clothes washing and externally for irrigation
  • Rainwater can be disinfected to remove harmful microorganisms and make it safe to drink

Whether you want to guarantee the quality of water for your family, maintain a beautiful garden through the inevitable cycles of drought and rain or adopt a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle, Nubian can help you.

Nubian’s intelligent water solutions are designed to save money, be more sustainable and improve your home’s water balance.

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of decentralised water solutions, Nubian provides small footprint, low maintenance, low energy and intelligent treatment recycling technology. We design solutions that are ideally suited to help homes improve their water balance by reducing the amount of ‘new water’ they need and also reducing the amount of water they discharge to the sewer.

Nubian is a global leader in researching and developing systems that reduce inefficient water use and improve sustainability. As the forerunner in Australia’s push towards “net zero water”, Nubian aims to help communities generate their own new water and recycle their used water via decentralised water systems.

Nubian provides the water solutions that home owners need.

Nubian’s deep knowledge of the issues surrounding sustainable water usage has allowed us to apply our technology to the challenges of urban communities. We provide proven solutions to safely and economically manage water in your home from creating potable water to recycling greywater.

Around 50% of your home’s wastewater can be safely and economically treated and reused. Nubian’s unique combination of knowhow and patented technology can help you treat and recycle water for the widest range of applications:

  • Toilet flushing
  • Irrigation
  • Car washing
  • Laundry machines

Our team of water engineers and treatment specialists are experienced at not only designing the best technology solution but also managing the often-complex regulatory approval processes as well.

Contact us to discuss how Nubian could help improve the water balance in your home.