About Nubian
Nubian's vision is to lead the water industry in the provision of innovative and robust solutions in water supply and wastewater treatment and recycling at the local level. 
Through strong alliances with some of the leading engineering and equipment companies in the world, we bring a depth of technical skills and knowledge that is normally available to only infrastructure and other large scale applications.  
What's in a Name? Our Brand
  Nubia is an ancient region, located in today's southern Egypt and northern Sudan and has one of the harshest climates in the world. The temperatures are high throughout most of the year, and rainfall is infrequent, making farming difficult. Yet, in antiquity, Nubia was a land of great natural wealth, of gold mines, ebony, ivory and incense which was always prized by her neighbors.

Today, Nubia lays claim to a recently discovered, and yet one of the worlds most substantial fossil aquifers in the sandstone underlying the Sinai and Negev deserts.  Perhaps this discovery offers hope for the adequate provision of safe drinking water in the region - 
The vision of Nubian.
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