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One of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century is the maintenance of adequate supplies of clean drinking water.  Reducing consumption, recycling & the use of alternate sources can assist in relieving the pressure on existing urban infrastructure.

NUBIAN offers a range of leading technologies, both in-house & from our technology partners which can be configured to provide complete solutions for installation on-site.

Expert installation & Commisioning teams, backed up by long term monitoring & maintenance services, ensure on-going reliable & robust performance.

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How To Change Your Cars Rims Successfully

A rim is actually the outer edge of a vehicle’s wheel and it is responsible for holding the tire. It actually makes up the wheel’s external circular design on which the internal edge of the tire is mounted.

In case you do possess the basic mechanical skills, you should not find it difficult to change the rims of your vehicle using only a few tools and a bit of elbow grease. However, to make sure that the rims fit on the wheels of your car, you must purchase those with the appropriate size and weight specifications before even trying to install them.  If you are looking for Wheels & Tyres in Australia, Give the guys at Ozzy Tyres a call.

In this article, we will throw some light on how to change your cars rims.

Make use of your jack for lifting the wheel from the ground. Otherwise, you might also consider lifting the entire car from the ground with the help of the lift provided you have access to an automobile garage.

Next, you need to flatten the tire on the wheel which holds the rim that has to be changed. As a matter of fact, in case the tires are inflated, there won’t be any empty space between the surface of the tire and the rim. By deflating the tire, you’ll be able to jimmy the rim from the wheel since this will create a space between the tire rubber and the rim.

Following this, you have to loosen and also get rid of any fastener which attaches the rim to the wheel and for this, you need to use your socket. Ensure that no pieces are lost during this process.

After that, try to slip the tire lever between the tire and the rim and then force the rim off the wheel by pushing it outward. Try to leverage the tire lever between the tire and the rim at different places on the rim’s surface such that there will be no risk of damaging or bending of the rim’s lip by pushing it very hard in a particular place.

Subsequently, the new rim has to be placed on the wheel. However, there are might be overlap between the tire and the rim depending on the rim’s size and style. In that case, it might be required to adjust the tire such that it can rest above or beneath the rim’s surface.

Lastly, make use of your socket set for fastening the new rim onto the wheel in case any additional protection is needed.

This procedure has to be continued till all the 4 rims are changed. In case you find it difficult to perform this task on your own, it would be prudent to take the help of an experienced and professional motor mechanic who will be able to do the job flawlessly and quickly.